Here is the idea that sparked CNGSMART.COM

If wherever we encountered new technology, instead of go into it blindfolded, we could easily know the best thinking on it. If we had confidence that this represented the combined wisdom of the most informed people–not as anointed by editors, but as weighed over time by our peers, objectively, statistically and transparently. These goals are possible with today’s technologies.

At we believe that to make the right decision one should first be educated on the subject of the interest and receive several independent professional opinions. With so much conflicting information and a lack of a united platform for people searching for CORRECT info we decided to build an information medium where all can ask CNG related questions and get an array of qualified answers from fellow users among which many of current leaders of the Natural Gas industry in US. So our goal is to build:

An open-source, community-moderated, distributed platform for CNG related topics on the Web.

We think relatively simple tools can help us all improve the quality of information on the Internet in regard to all aspects of CNG / natural gas industry and help many to make right decisions. Our system allows visitors to post their questions and have them answered by fellow members. Any visitor can post answers to these questions which are then voted on by the community until a “correct” answer is chosen by the question author. Many of the answers will come from members of the advisory board who consider to be the industry experts. All other members will have a chance to comments on those answers to further provide inept information regarding the question asked.

CNGSmart is the best source to ask CNG related question and get professional opinion from several experts. We build the system to be honest for all participants and bias in the opinions based on those principals:

1. Open source, open standards for all participants.
2. World Wide Access (To the extent practical. Without consent.
3. Neutral Opinion (Favor no ideological, political positions)
4. Merit Based (Influence based on track record)
5. Pseudonymous (Credibility without public identity)
6. Transparent / Auditable (In systems. In governance)
7. Multi Formats (HTML, PDF, video, books. News, blogs scientific articles, legislation,  regulations, Terms of Service, etc.)
8. Scalable and durable ( solid source for next 100+ years)
9. Work with the best (reach to the most professional people in the industry)
10. Remain humble

As we move forward with the project we will enhance the website with more features and gadgets to make it even more user friendly.  One of the most important parts of our design is the reputation model that will underpin the system. A reputation model is a way for the user community to collectively calibrate the contributions of its members.

For more information please feel free to visit FAQs.

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