CNG is almost always significantly cheaper than gasoline. In the USA, it is sold in a unit called a “gge”, which just means a gallon gasoline equivalent. What this means is that a “gge” of CNG will make your car go just as far as a gallon of regular gasoline. You’ll find that prices can range from as little as $1 / gge to about $3 / gge. This is much cheaper than the price of gasoline or diesel!

For example, the Honda Civic GX has a CNG tank that hold about 8 “gallons” of CNG. To fill this up, it would cost about $16 if your CNG was $2 / gge (which is not uncommon). The same Honda Civic that runs on gasoline would cost $32 to fill up 8 gallons if gas was $4/gallon. If you drove these cars around town, you would go exactly the same distance in the CNG Civic as the regular gasoline Civic, but for half the cost!

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