Areas of Expertise:
Distribution and Sales              CNG Compressors                CNG 18 Wheelers            CNG Legislature
CNG Conversions                    CNG Tanks                            CNG Trucks                      CNG Grants
CNG Fuiling Stations               CNG Conversion Kits             OEM CNG Vehicles          CNG  Providers


CNG/ NGV Distribution and Sales

Dmitri Tisnoi CEO of Venta Inc, Fort Worth company specialize in import and distribution of CNG equipped cars and trucks.

Feel free to contact Dmitri via LinkedIn Profile or his company  Corporate Website

CNG Conversions / Conversions to NGV

FURY ZAIDI is a CEO at Natural Gas Vehicles Texas Inc in Dallas TX. His company specialize in CNG conversions for vehicles of many kind: from passenger to 18 wheeler. Feel free to contact Fury via LinkedIn Profile or his company  Corporate Website

Please send a request if you would like to be on the advisory board.

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